TOP 5 Best Android Games This Week

Hai Folks i hope you guys are doing well so in this article we gonna be taking a look some the best android games available on playstore this week

1)FORTRESS LEGENDS  Google Play Link

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Fortress legends is developed by the top developer BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc.In this game you can build a mighty,impenetrable fortress and repel intruders back from when they came .Then, with the powerfull weapons take revenge on their fortress.

2)HYPERBURNER  Google Play Link

Developer: Bad Potion
Price: 3,19 €

Hyberburner is the game developed by Badpotion.
Hyperburner is a high-speed space flier set in a distant colonial solar system. Take your ship through increasingly dangerous courses, unlocking endless-mode leaderboards as you go. Built for mobile with smooth and responsive free-steering, playable in portrait or landscape.

3)SNAKY SQUARES  Google Play Link

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Snaky squares is the game developed by GMT Dev Ltd.
Snaky Squares is a snake who loves to eat yellow dots, can only turn on squares and lives in a 3D platform world. Tap to turn, one tap and Snaky turns 90 degrees, two taps and Snaky will turn 180, be careful not to hit your tail and remember snaky only turns on the squares.It gets tricky as snakes get faster when they eat. Use power ups to slow down, shorten the snake tail, collect dots and speed up. Get a high score and enter the leaderboards.

4)REIGNS  Google Play Link

Developer: DevolverDigital
Price: 1,99 €

Reigns is the game developed by DevolverDigital,in this game sit on the throne as a benevolent,medieval monarch of the morden age and swipe your finger either to right or left to impose your will to kingdom.

5)SABER’S EDGE  Google Play Link

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Saber’s edge is the game developed by the developer Hibernum,
Epic role playing action and adventure await! Collect, control, and upgrade the perfect pirate crew. Explore an all-new universe where magic and technology collide! Lead your team on a quest for life-giving Soul Stones. Fight intense RPG battles filled with strategy, factions, character classes, team attacks, spells, and special combos. Win rewards and treasure in quests, daily bounties, and missions across the Seven Skies!

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