I have been playing pokemon go since last three weaks like all poketrainers(players) all over the globe.I lwas so much excited with the new concept of the Pokemon Go  which is different from all other games.But all my excitement was down the drain as there were obstacles(Excusses) which prevented me from playing the game all day long.so i found this new method.so its the time to play Pokemon GO joystick!
In order to play this game we need download an app called “FLY GPS” and it is avilable for free on google play store to enable the joystick in the Pokemon Go. Many players complained that its not working anymore on their smartphones but I still decided to give it a try. i have been used the app for last couple of days and it is working fine and good for me.So i decided to share my experience and the issues which i have addressed.Inorder to use the fly gps app u need  Marshmellow android version on your device.The is no need of rooting your device
1)Download the “Fly Gps” app from Here
2)Go to the device settings>developer options.If you are unable to find it in the settings then it is locked,you can unlock it by tapping on build number for few times.
3)Next you need to enable mock locations,look for the mock locations and enable it and select Fly Gps from the list
4)Turn on your device Gps and then open the “Fly Gps” app
5)Tap on the any location on the map.( Note>>Do note that you should not select the locations out your city or else you wil get banned)
6)Tap the  please select the menu and then select GPS service Run in that select Joystick location Mode-(Pokemon).This will enable the joystick
7)Next Open the Pokemon Go app & you can see a joystick on the right side of the screen
8)Now you can move around the map using joystick,no wall can stop you

Alright This is how you can play Pokemon Go with the help of joystick without walking . Feel free to check out our blog for more interesting android apps, android tips and tricks and latest android info