How To Hide Android Apps On Any Android Device

Hello, Friends ! I hope you guys are doing well so in this article I am gonna be listing some of the steps to hide android apps in any android device

About Apex Launcher

So apex launcher is third party launcher which offers a lot of customization. With this launcher, you can customize you android like the way you want. It has got the material design. Even after installing this app the phone doesn’t feel laggy in fact you get buttery smooth experience.  So with this app, you can Choose different kinds of folder preview styles and different kinds of background effects. You can add different kinds of transition effects. You can literally hide android apps with some simple steps which are listed below.

Apex launcher Google Play store Link>>> Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher
Apex Launcher
Developer: Android Does
Price: Free

Steps To Hide Android Apps On any Android

  1. Alright so at first head over to the play store and install apex launcher which is free on play store

After installing apex launcher go to settings >> select home which is under personal menu select apex launcher as your default launcher

2) next select apex setting which will be on the home screen
next in apex setting select drawer settings and select hidden apps

3)next in hidden apps page you can find the apps which are installed in your android so here you have to simply select the which you wanna hide

4)for example, in my case I gonna hide Adsense and Alexa, once the selection is done click on save and you are done

5) So now you can’t find Adsense and Alexa in my app drawer because they are hidden. if in case you wanna unhide then just go back and uncheck the boxes of the apps which are hidden by you

So that’s how you can hide your apps on your android device. Thanks for checking out our blog. Feel free to share this article if you found helpful