Alright, Finally WhatsApp has rolled out 2 step verification to safeguard our WhatsApp accounts. As we all know privacy and security are the main concern for every smartphone user because who wants their WhatsApp chat and data to be leaked to others, so in order to eradicate hackers accessing your WhatsApp account, WhatsApp has rolled out this 2 step verification process so that you can stop hacker trying to access your WhatsApp data in your absence. This is one of the must have feature for every social media app. We will recommend you to enable this feature right now to be on the safe side from hackers or any other person trying to access your WhatsApp data.

Steps To Enable WhatsApp 2 step verification Ony Any Android Device

Step-1 so at first you should un-install your current WhatsApp and Download the latest Whatsapp Beta App so to install WhatsApp Beta App you need to join their Beta testing program its simple just follow the steps listed below

Open Play store search for Whatsapp Messenger Beta ( Or click Here ) Then You will be taken to WhatsApp beta app for testers or  scroll down you can find join beta program just tap on join and scroll up and install the app




Step-2 After the installation and setting up the latest Beta version of WhatsApp simply open the app and then

go to Settings > Account > and now you can find Two-step verification option just tap that and follow the onscreen instruction 

Note : if in case 2 step verification option doesn’t appear then make sure that your WhatsApp Version must be version 2.16.349


2 step verification


  1. make sure to enter your 6 digit pin properly
  2. you will be asked to enter your email Id just enter your correct email address


2 step verification


so this how you can enable 2 step verification on WhatsApp. share this article with your friends so that they can safeguard their WhatsApp account to protect their WhatsApp account from hackers