CyanogenMod 14 Features and Release Date

Cyanogen is an open source operating system for mobiles and tablets which provide many features you cannot find it on stock Android. It builds custom ROMs based on Android mobile platform.After the release of very popular  CyanogenMod 13,the cyanogen team has released its next version CyanogenMod 14(CM14) ROM which is based on latest Android 7.0 Nougat.The official release of CM14 is not yet out.An unofficial version of CyanogenMod 14 is already available for many Android phones, but that doesn’t include any new feature. The new build is based on latest android 7 Nougat  but contains CM13 features.

CyanogenMod 14


1) New Cyanogen Browser (Gello) – CM 14 will come with new browser Gello. Gello Browser has all Chrome features plus home screen bookmarks,night modes, multiple search engines,a built-in ad blocker, fullscreen and immersive mode
2) Battery Management – Android Nougat comes with improved doze mode which improves the battery life on your smartphone. Battery Optimization will improve your battery by15-20% in CyanogenMod 14(CM14) .
3) Improved UI – As we know that Android 7.0 Nougat has been released for Nexus devices and comes with many significant changes in UI. The new Android Nougat comes with improved Notification menu,setting menu and quick setting.A similar UI can be expected in the CyanogenMod 14(CM14)
4) System Tweaks and Customizations – CyanogenMod always comes with new customizations and system tweaks. New system level customizations are also expected in new version CyanogenMod 14 (CM14).
5) Multi-window – CM14 will feature Multi Window support which allows users to open and use multiple apps at the same time.In the cm13 based ROM multi-window feature was also present on some devices but it was not officially supported, thisMulti-window feature is expected to be the new version of CM14 .
6) One Handed Operation – In these days many phones are of large-screen, it’s hard to use a phone with one hand in the large screen phones. One handed operation was already present in Xiaomi and Samsung Devices and many users found it very useful sometimes. This One handed operation feature is expected to see in CyanogenMod 14(CM14).


CyanogenMod 14 team working hard and is already under development to bring the first official release. The unofficial version is already roll out for many devices and but many are thinking when is the Official version release? after 30-45 days of marshmallow, source code was out,the first stable version of cm13 was released .  we expect the release date of stable build CM14 will be somewhere in November or December because the source code of Android 7.0 Nougat is released recently,