Android “Nougat” features

Google has been making the surprise release of the Android N developer preview and this update seems to be a major release with a lot of customizations. The beta version is available for some particular nexus devices. Though it is not completely built, but we can expect some more changes in the official release. So here are some of the unknown android n features you should know about Android Nougat AKA Android N

Split screen, multitasking

This feature is about the multi-window for stock android. Android Nougat supports split screen, multitasking mainly for the smartphones packing huge displays and tablets like the pixel C. So now with the help of the latest version of Android (Android Nougat) you can enable multi-window by long pressing the recent button when you are already in an app. Another interesting feature is that now we can also switch to apps quickly by double tapping the Recent/multitasking button

Enhanced notification in Android Nougat

The notifications have gone through a nice little revamp by this update. The user can expand bundled notifications into individual notifications and the notifications also show more info in the notification shade and also brings support to inline reply actions, which means you can reply to a message, update task lists directly from the notification shade.

Improved Quick settings

The Android Nougat quick settings have some minor changes like the first five settings are available in the notification shade without swiping down. You can move toggles around more than one pane of settings. You can also edit the toggles and set according to your location of the toggles as per your comfort.

Data Saver Mode

This is the one more interesting feature in Android Nougat. If you have problems like deleting the data in the background automatically, then you will love Android N’s data saver mode. The Data Saver mode restricts background data usage on a metered connection. This feature also automatically makes the app use the less data in the foreground and if you want some apps to run data in the background, then they can be added to the whitelist by enabling the data saver on.

UI Changes

There are some minor decent UI changes in the update and does not bring a major difference in the Material design and you already know about the settings changes in the notifications center and the settings page is somewhat changed. The Settings page now shows you more info below every option. The WiFi option shows you the network you are connected to, right on the Settings page. The modified settings page also notifies you to turn on any app like battery saver, Data saver etc.. A hamburger menu is also included. Which will be seen when you are in a sub-menu letting you jump to one of the main menus. The Dark mode is provided for the users as a new additional feature. The Night Mode can now be switched automatically depending on your location and time of day and also the ability to adjust the tint and brightness.

Screen Zoom

The new screen zooming feature enables you to change your screen’s DPI (Dots per inch) manually. When you feel the text or the size of the icon is too small to your liking. The ability to change DPI on Android was previously available only on rooting Android devices, but with the arrival of Android Nougat, it’s a native feature. You can set the DPI to small, default, large, large or larger, depending on your preference

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